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Current Conditions: Near Town

Rides that are easily accessible from the Towns of Crested Butte and Mt. Crested Butte. These are generally shorter and technically less difficult than more outlying rides.

CBMR Mountain Trails
Conditions: 10.14.tw13 Done for the season. All snowed up.
Not Recommended
Lower Loop
Conditions: PLEASE READ! 11/12/13
The sun is quite low now and only a few degrees in compass reading makes a big difference. Exposure is everything this time of year and the Lower Loop predominately has less than perfect exposure. There are some dry spots but there are many more muddy spots and riding on this trail series is not recommended!
Not Recommended
Lupine Trail
Conditions: Please Read!! 11.18.13
A size-able storm (11/16) covered the trail with snow and this may be it for the 2013 riding season on Lupine. Check in anytime as we will post conditions as they change.
Not Recommended
Snodgrass Trail - #590
Conditions: August 11th, twenty13 - SNODGRASS TRAIL #590 IS 'CLOSED' Sunday-August 11th -it closed at sundown.

The trail is on Ralph Allen & Sons property and they need everyone's cooperation. No walking, running, hiking or bicycling what so ever when it is 'closed'.
Thank you for respecting the Allen's needs!
Not Recommended
Upper Loop / Tony’s Trail / Whetstone Vista
Conditions: PLEASE READ! 11.18.13
The U.L. has a good amount of snow on it from the recent storm (11/16/13). This could be it for the Upper Loop this 2013 riding season. If it changes, we will post the conditions right away. For now skiing might be a way to get out and enjoy the U.L.
Not Recommended