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Information & Conditions: Kebler Pass Wagon Road #606

Updated 7/16/14

Status: Good to Go!

Current Conditions: July 16th, tw14 - All three sections are dried out and OPEN.

Detailed Description:

The 606 is a wonderful way to avoid the traffic that is on Kebler Road and still take you up into the Irwin area where there are several great rides. Ride out of town approximately 3 3/4 miles and you'll find a trail on your right that connects with the road. Shift down to a good climbing gear before starting the trail as it is quickly more than 8 % for the first two switchbacks. Stay on this trail, which is right above Kebler Road and ride it until it again dumps you back onto Kebler, several miles up. From there one has several options to choose from. We will write a more detailed account of options when the next two sections of trail begin to be usable.