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Robert Reisinger

Robert Reisinger is the founder and CEO/President both Mountain Cycle and Pro Stop. Both companies were formed about 1989. Robert is an engineering graduate of Cal Poly State University San Luis Obispo and a former nationally ranked motocross rider. He rode for 4 years for Team Kawasaki and did suspension, frame, engine and human factors R&D for 4 years.

The first product Mountain Cycle brought to market was the upside down fork, an industry first. This fork, named the Suspenders was coupled with the ProStop disc brake, also an industry first. Both the fork and brake are patented, and are still current.

The original fork had superior rigidity and about 2 inches of travel. Many of today's current forks are based on this original Mountain Cycle design.

In 2000, Robert, along with four others received an award from Mountain Bike magazine for contributions to the Bicycle industry. This award was the Mountain Bike 15th year Anniversary Award for the "Most Significant Product" in Mountain Biking.

The ProStop Disc Brake speaks for itself, after years of uphill battle in which Mountain Cycle/ProStop was not only the leader, but the founder of this technology, the disc brake has found a home in the cycling industry. A good case could be made that many present day companies would not exist in the form they do, without the influence of ProStop.

In 1991, Mountain Cycle introduced the San Andreas, the first production monocoque in the bicycle industry. A revolution ensued. A look around at today's bicycles shows that there are few companies that have escaped the design influence of Robert Reisinger and Mountain Cycle. Monocoque frames abound. The movable sub frame, a Mountain Cycle innovation is one of the most copied features in the industry. The sub frame was introduced by Mountain Cycle on the San Andreas in 1991 and it was 4 years before it started showing up on competitor's bikes, now this feature is everywhere. This innovation alone is worth the price of his admission to the Hall of Fame, both as an innovative way to size a frame and as a beneficial solution to production issue.

The MOHO Softail was introduced in 1994 and it's patented rear dampening system still puts this frame in the game as one of the lightest, nimblest and best climbing "hardtails" in the world. It was recognized in Germany as one of the 10 best "hardtails" of all time.

The ShockWave DH frame was one of the first 8-inch travel frames on the market. Taking monocoque technology to a new level, it introduced an integrated chainguide, a detachable BashGuard (still the only one in the industry), replaceable dropouts and the steerer stop on the front end. This steerer stop is another masterful innovation. With the advent of triple crown forks, many frames incur damage in the area behind the head tube. The steerer stop ends this issue. Integrated into the frame and with a detachable donut type device with rubber ring, it's simple, elegant, and effective.

Mountain Cycle was the first and is still the only company in the bicycle industry to produce a complete line of monocoque frames. With the introduction of it's new, 2001, Tremor FR-1 it keeps this tradition going.

Robert is a consummate engineer and designer, his understanding of both kinetics and hydraulics puts him in a class that would include only a handful of others. His mastery of design, his ability to design complex shapes, beautiful and elegant, yet functional is possibly unequalled in the industry. Mountain Cycle is the only bicycle company to have a bike chosen for inclusion in the permanent collection of the world famous San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

With all this in mind and in conclusion, I nominate Robert Reisinger to membership in the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. I would be delighted to answer any questions or provide further information.

Bio Submitted by Steve Fleury